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Do not allow the dental fear impede enjoy you eating

Do not allow the dental fear impede enjoy you eating

It is known from everyone the importance that means having an adequate oral health and be able to realize something so basic and vital such as mastication and deglutition of nourishment.  In such manner we help our organism to acquire the required nourishment to maintain healthy our body in any age or circumstances.

Between the multiple causes that difficult an adequate masticatory function, there are the multiple or total lack of dental pieces more common is adults from any age, or the advanced decline produced by different causes, common also in adults, but alarmingly present in children and young people.

Fear to dentist

One of the most common causes that difficult solving to the already stated problems, is the dentist fear (dental anxiety), or to believe that could be long and annoying processes.

Currently, it is possible to solve multiple dental problems in only just one session, thanks to the conscious sedation in combination with a dentist team trained adequately. What it entails, that we are able to sedate a patient for example a kid, and realize under sedation multiple fillings, de-vitalizations or extractions. Also there could be provided to adult patient conscious sedations to realize dental extractions, and implant colocations in only one session and return its oral health without pain and added traumas.

Express treatments

Lack of time is another excuse to not to search for a solution to dental and oral problems. Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, it is possible the prosthesis realization, such as crowns, veneers or incrustations, in the same day. Thanks to the scanning system, digitalization, computer design, and on site milling structures process, many of the problems could be solved with efficiency and without the necessity of more sessions.


Implant treatment in an adult under conscious sedation


Conscious sedation in a child to control anxiety


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