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Do you know which one is the principal cause of teeth loss?

Do you know which one is the principal cause of teeth loss?

In our country as the rest of the world, the principal cause of teeth loss is the periodontal disease, commonly now as pyorrhea. This one affects 80% of adults of more than 35 years old. To understand a bit more how it does acts, we will need to meet the enemy.  The periodontal disease has two levels of affectation: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Foto periodonciaGingivitis

Is the response of the gingiva because of the inflammation caused by the microbes from the dental plaque. The gingiva is normally reddish and bleeds with facility. This phase is completely reversible. We only need to turn back to the dental clinic to do a cleaning and learn the good hygienic habits that will assure us a good dental health. When gingivitis is not correctly treated, the infection that had been provoked is scattered from gingiva to all tissues that support the tooth, the ligament and the bone, starting like this the periodontitis.


Is a chronic disease caused principally by the rust that has been disposed under the gingiva, affecting the tissues that support the tooth. Its evolution carries the gum recession and the bone loss irreversibly, leaving without support the tooth, which starts to move until its loss. That is the reason why is fundamental to act in a rapid and preventive way, and do not wait to be on an advanced stage. These are the signals that will indicate you that you should visit the periodontist (specialized dentist in gingiva).:

  • If bleeding gingiva is noticed, in a spontaneous way or with the brushing process.
  • Gingiva retraction
  • Red or painful gingiva
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth mobility

As in the vast majority of cases, is not a painful disease, it is very frequent that will be unnoticed. It can also happen that none symptom is notices and if affectation exists, for example, it is rare that the gingiva bleeds if is a smoking patient even if the disease is active. That is why, is so important to ask for a periodontal evaluation facing any suspicion. The patient even though is found in any phase, should be conscious about the fact that if a remedy is not established at time, could lose all its teeth. It should be highlighted the importance of going to visit the specialist, who besides doing the required treatment, will explain the evolution of the disease and how to face it.


dra.iratxe-jimenezDr. Irache Jiménez
Periodontial Specialist

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