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Going to the dentist in summer

Going to the dentist in summer

It is recommendable to go to the dentist in summer? Does the heat affect the dentistry processes? It is necessary to postpone the dates until these months pass? These ones are ones of the most frequent questions that our patients make us these days.

Is normal to think that the summer time is not the most adequate time of the year to do a visit to the dentist and we leave for September the care of our oral and dental health. And it is precisely with the “back to school” period when less time we have to go to the dentist, to take children to the revisions or for plan more complex treatments that require certain time for recovery.

During the summer months it does not exist any contradiction to go to the dentist, any type of treatment could be realized with advantage because we have more free time and we are more relaxed without hurries and stress provoked by the work. The vacation period is ideal to spend time taking care of our oral and smile health and esthetic, if we care more our aspect we cannot forget that beauty starts by a beautiful smile.

On the other hand, summer requires its own cares in what oral health entails and with the habits change that we do during these days we need to watch more than never our mouth state so no pathologies flourish that have been on a latent state during the rest of the year.

  • Drink a lot of water to maintain hydration in our mouth and the correct saliva flux
  • Maintain your hygiene dental hygiene to avoid caries and dental sensibility than can provoke the sugary drinks.
  • Protect your teeth facing possible traumas and if any dental piece breaks, preserve it  and rapidly go to the dentist
  • Use dentifrices and colutorios that contain Fluor to protect your teeth facing the possible demineralization that provokes the chlorine in the pools

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