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Men take care of their aspect as well

Men take care of their aspect as well

Nowadays the image care, personal aspect and esthetic is something that grows between men, knowing the importance that a cared presence in our personal and labour relationships.

Facial medical esthetics before was considered to be something exclusive and actually is something daily demanding extended among men and women equally. The pleasant and harmonious presence represents an important aspect in the daily routine and nowadays with more frequency men resort to esthetic treatments with the aim of improving their personal aspect, what reverts in self-esteem improvement.

Dental esthetics

The revolution that invisible orthodontics have meant, the new whitening systems and the new materials and techniques in rehabilitation and implants and the possibility of realizing express treatments thanks to the computer design had motivated that men encourage themselves to improve their dental esthetic. Moreover, the progress in maxillofacial surgery had incremented the number of male patients due to the many interventions that nowadays are predictable and the recuperation is very fast, and tanks to sedation programs the patient get relaxed and annoyance is avoided.

Facial esthetics

Male demand for facial esthetical treatments and fundamentally chirurgical treatments such as rhinoplasty or nose surgery, blepharoplasty or eyelid and otoplasty or ears surgery.

Male patients that are interested in rhinoplasty and otoplasty are men young men between 30 years. While men that go under a blepharoplasty are older, since 50 years, when problems in those face areas are more common.

Men that decide to undergo a rhinoplasty are trying to search for an improvement in their physical aspect or to breathe better. It is a surgery that does not leave visible scars and perdurable results in time.

Blepharoplasty is a chirurgical technique with which you can eliminate excess of skin and fat over the eyelid that gives the glance an air of tiredness and sadness. With this intervention patients achieve a more vivid and happy glance that will endure over time, even, for many people will be permanent.

Otoplasty is realized generally for modifying the separated from head ear shape or to reduce its size. In adults this surgery could be done under local anesthesia and in an outpatient manner. Scars would be hidden and results would be permanent.

In all esthetical treatments is as important as the final result and the tranquility that are offered by the medical team and the permanent monitoring facing possible complications. That is the reason why we should turn to clinics that will offer the maximum quality guarantee, with real solutions and without fake expectative of the results.


FeipeDr. Felipe Rivas Aristizábal
Implantology and Surgery





Dra. Ana de la ConcepciónDr. Ana de la Concepción
Plastic, Esthetic and Repairing Surgery

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