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One in between two people older than 45 years needs an implant

One in between two people older than 45 years needs an implant

One in between two people older than 45 needs at least, one dental implant. Replace loss teeth are indispensable to fulfill suitably the functions that depends on in the mastication system, and their indisputable repercussion in general health, also the importance that supposes having a beautiful smile.

They exist different ways of replacing the loss dental pieces, however the implants still represent the best alternative always that are done inside some adequate quality standards  as the SECOM (Spanish association of oral and maxillofacial surgery) recommends.

Nowadays, practically they do not exist contradictions for the chirurgical colocation of implants, the principal obstacle could be the bone shortage, but could be solved by the bone regeneration techniques, using biomaterials in combination with growing factors obtained from the own plasma of the patient, or turning to the newest techniques such as the Zygomatic implants collocation.

Equally, the gingiva loss could be solved by adding connective tissue grafts that will add an extra volume, what will mean a more naturalness, more demanding nowadays by the patients.

Finally, highlight the importance of what means a good maintenance of an advanced oral health, due to the fact that its careless could provoke the apparition of problems derived from the accumulation of plaque and rust, producing inflammation and/or destruction of the periimplanted tissues. That is the reason why is so necessary to turn to the revisions recommended by the specialist.


dr.alfredo-castroDr. Alfredo Castro
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

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