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The oral health care has become in an indispensable part of our lives due to the fact that, between other things, the relation expressed further in time, the oral diseases along with other more complex in intervention diseases. However, it exist a wide ignorance about the principal risk factors, how and since when we can act so avoid them.

To promote the prevention and continuous care of oral health oral and dental, Sannas Dentofacial has started developing the first Preventive Oral Center.

Objective: Health

For preventing, take care and inform, the POC from Sannas Dentofacial studies the following objectives:

  • Actions destined to the preventive diagnosis of oral pathologies.
  • Early treatment of oral pathologies
  • Active prevention programs creation adapted to the different necessities
  • Offer actual information about preventive health
  • Different didactic and formative activities realization in our installations to let know pathologies, treatments and healthy habits

Our preventive programs

For developing solutions and adapted programs that could benefit different patient’s profiles and different necessities, the preventive oral center have three specific programs of attention and oral and dental care:

SannasPlus: Program dedicated those people that want to take care and maintain their oral and dental health and prevent somehow the different pathologies that could be more severe in a future. People that give importance to their health and want to learn healthy habits because they care about the aspect and the health of their smiles.

SannasPro: Is focused to those people with dental prosthesis in a bad state, a prosthesis that has not been cared, not only affects to your oral health but it also influences in your life quality. That is the reason why to guaranty the quality of all our prosthesis treatments in Sannas Group we count with our own authorized prosthetic dental laboratory. And to guarantee the care and the prevention in people with prosthesis, in SannasPro we suggest treatments and specific formation that will help our patients to prevent their oral and dental health.

SannasFam: Has been created thinking in the families. Understanding that wellbeing goes along with health and that the oral and dental care should begin since early stages, in Sannas we focus our effort to dedicate an exclusive space to families, that protects, prevents and accompany in the creation of healthy habits to all the family members.