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Periodontics is the art of dentistry specialized in the diagnosis, care and maintenance, treatment and recovery of the tissues that surround and support the teeth.

The diseases in the gingiva (gingivitis) and the supporting bone (pyorrhea, periodontitis) are treatable and in the vast majority of the cases can be prevented. The gingiva inflammation and the bleeding appearance, is alarming and should be taken into account consulting the specialist for its correct diagnosis and realize the best treatment.

In Sannas Dentofacial we recommend the frequent brushing with the suitable technique, the use of dental floss, and other accessory or ways for the correct maintenance of the periodontal health, dental plaque should be removed by professional hands to avoid the posterior appearance of alterations and damages that at some point could be irreversible.

During pregnancy the gingiva is altered and extremely care should be applied, moreover it is not incompatible to go to the dentist, including some treatments that are suggested without any problem.

Equally the oral care and hygiene should be especially demanding in patients who wear fixed or removable dental prosthesis, supported over teeth or over implants, in smoker patients, diabetics or those ones who suffer from other pathologies.

Do not hesitate to communicate to Sannas Dentofacial clinic any doubt.

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