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With each pregnancy you lose one teeth?

With each pregnancy you lose one teeth?

The fall of myth. Since no many years, even nowadays, is very common to think that after pregnancy you can lose a dental piece, belief very rooted in our grandparents, and that lacks of scientific value.

Pregnancy represents a general hormonal change for the future mother, what entails that her body will react in a different way in the presence of stimulus, for example, the gingival inflammation presents an exaggerated response in the presence of bacterial plaque, inflaming in such exaggerated way the gingiva. So, if we do not have a good based dental health, the possible problems that we could have can aggravate and derivate posteriorly in major problems that correct hygiene habits could solve and minimize.

Another subject from pregnancy is the belief that calcium in teeth could be lost, when what happens is that if we don’t care adequately our dental hygiene, decalcification in dental enamel could be presented because of the acids produced by the dental plaque bacteria that could derive into the frightened decalcification. The best remedy is to have a meticulous hygiene oral and dental during pregnancy with brushing and flossing processes.

Another pregnancy topic is there could be done dentistry treatments during pregnancy. The easy treatments such as cleanings or fillings. Both of them could be done without any problems and it also could be provided some types of local anesthesia. It is not very convenient to realize complex, long or chirurgical treatments, but if they are required some urgency attentions to solve the dentistry problems or realize palliative cares once the treatment is realized after the labor to complete or finish it, if it was the case.

Is not only possible to receive the dentistry treatment, if it was necessary to take any type of medication some analgesics, anti-inflammatory or antibiotics could be prescribed, under specialized supervision.

Besides an appropriate dental hygiene, a balanced diet favors a healthy pregnancy for the mother and for the future baby with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish. It is important to reduce as well the consumption of rich fats and sugars nourishments to control better these levels in the organism and avoid somehow derived problems from the diet such as gestational diabetes or overweight.

The dentistry-pediatrician could advise about the cares that the dentition of the future mother, as well as of the newborn during the first months and years of life.

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